The Davis Mountains National Park is a wonderful state park with hiking trails, a beautiful view of the mountains and…skunks, as I found out.

The Davis Mountains, FT Davis, Tx
Photo from Adam Dutton on Unsplash
The Davis Mountains, Fort Davis, Tx
Photo from Adam Dutton on Unsplash

I love my husband. I really do. But skunks? Not my favorite. It all started with a simple request: ice cream.

Ice cream-not too difficult of a request. After all, we had just visited Fort Davis and the McDonald Observatory (Both must sees if in the Fort Davis, TX area).

We had a trash bag hung in a tree, so no critters got in. We had all our food in the cooler. So, we sat down and enjoyed our ice cream at our peaceful campsite.

Well, when we were done, I threw my lid away (you know, like a sane person). Apparently, my husband did not.

And skunks love ice cream. At least they do by the Davis Mountains.

As we settled down in our tent for the night, we started hearing noises. Hard to explain really. Turns out, it was the skunks licking the ice cream lid.

“Well, I forgot to put the ice cream away”

-My husband says at the Davis Mountains as skunks invaded camp
Who would've known skunks enjoy ice cream?
Who knew skunks enjoyed ice cream?
Photo by Bryan Padron on Unsplash

The situation in our tent was one of realization. Of slight amusement and of annoyance. No reason to get out of our tent. No reason to disrupt the skunks. But, we did peer from the inside at the ones perusing our campsite.

The Davis Mountains had provided us with some new friends-a family of these skunks to be exact.

But, before too long, my husband stepped out for a moment. On his way back, one of these skunks saw him. He was ready to fire-butt aimed and all!

And then, we had to make a short drive. To the restrooms farther down the campground. But, the skunks had not left!

They were not happy to see us. No joke-they chased us to the truck.

Skunks visited our tent in the Davis Mountains
Photo by Dominik Jirovsky on Unsplash
Skunks visited our tent in the Davis Mountains
Photo by Dominik Jirovsky on Unsplash

Turns out, the skunks wanted to be best friends. The next night, they made their presence known. Again. But this time, it was by our tent.

Right beside our tent. Skunks rubbing against our tent. We just stayed as still as possible. The last thing we wanted on our trip to Fort Davis was to be sprayed by a skunk. Especially because of ice cream.

The lesson learned: Throw away your ice cream! Skunks have a taste for it.

Have you ever been visited by critters while camping? Let me know in the comments!