It’s time to hunt for your favorite fried chicken eatery in your locality or dig for the new chicken recipes because National Fried Chicken Day is just around the corner.

Crispy fried chicken along with plain fries.
Crispy fried chicken along with plain fries.

Fried Chicken is everyone’s go-to food, when you are out partying, have friends over at your place, it is the best and the easiest food option. Kids, adults and even old age people like the taste of it unless he/she is vegetarian. This coming month, the USA is presenting us with a National Fried Chicken Day on July 6th.

The credit for introducing the basic recipe of fried chicken goes to the Scottish immigrants. They brought the ritual of frying chicken in animal fat to the USA. After trying out this new recipe, it soon became a quick fix to the immediate hunger pangs. With time, people started adding various flavours and seasoning to give it unique tastes.

“Fried chicken along with the greens and cornbread is the best comfort food.”

Maya Angelou

History of National Fried Chicken Day

There is always a story behind a national day; we do not celebrate it only because we feel like celebrating. Similarly, there is a narrative behind a national fried chicken day too. People frequently talk about the origin of fried chicken in the USA, if it was via West African colonists or Scottish immigrants. However, the truth is it is the combination of both cultures.

Scottish colonisers fry their chicken in animal fat; West African immigrants fry theirs in palm oil. However, the Americans made the fusion of both cultures and invented a new recipe, commonly known as Southern Fried Chicken. Since there were not any refrigerators, people used to fry their chickens to keep them from going bad.

Apart from America, fried chicken in Europe is ordinary since the Middle Age period. During this time, the elite chefs discovered that coating chicken in various spices and flour before cooking them will give it an exquisite taste and is easier to eat on the go. They finally made the discovery on the July 6th; hence, Americans celebrate this day as a National Fried Chicken.

How to Celebrate

You need not be in the USA only to celebrate National Fried Chicken; you can be anywhere in the world and go to their famous fried chicken place to celebrate your national day. I mean, you do not need a reason to eat your favourite fried chicken, head over to your favourite eatery and gulp it down with the chilled coke.

1. USA

While you are in the USA and you want to try the best-fried chicken than there is no place better than Willie Mae’s Scotch House, the restaurant is in New Orleans and have been operating since 1956. Their menu is quite vast, and you can order veggies and steaks, but if it is your first visit, then take the advice from the experts and order their fried chicken. The place is not only known for their fried chicken, but it comes under 101 most famous casual restaurants in the USA too.

Fried Chicken poppers ready to be served.
Fried chicken poppers ready to be served.
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2. Italy

Italy is the heart of food. If there is any cuisine that people prefer the most is Italian cuisine. Creamy pasta, cheesy pizza and spicy spaghetti is everyone’s favourite but no matter how much one like it, if it’s July 6th today then we are having fried chicken. If you find yourself in Italy on National Fried Chicken Day, then your go-to place should be Corey’s Soul Chicken in Milan. Their fried chicken covered in parmesan cheese with mashed potatoes on the side.

3. Canada

While you are in Canada busy fixing your quarantine routine and it suddenly hits you that today is National Fried Chicken Day. You are all set in your PJs not ready to go out? Here is a quick fix, pick up your phone and call The Dirty Bird Chicken and Waffles and order your favourite chicken from there. The best thing about this place is you get to taste their exclusive waffles. You can locate this eatery in Ontario, Canada.

Fried Chicken Burger along with a smoothie
Fried chicken Burger along with a smoothie.

Cook Well at Home

If you are not in a mood to get a takeaway or too broke for dining in, then you always have an option to cook amazing recipes in your kitchen. Open up YouTube, you will find tons of recipes there, or call your mom to learn about her secret fried chicken recipe!

How are you planning to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day this year? Are you planning to try out a new eatery in town or are you going to experiment with new recipes? Comment below and tell us about your plans.

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