With all the changes in the travel industry, it is looking like road trips will be making a much-needed comeback this summer. Are you ready to jump in your car for the latest travel trend?

Will Road Trips Be Making A Comeback In Summer 2020?
Will Road Trips be Making a Comeback In Summer 2020?
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Road trips became popular in the 1960s and paved the way for many famous Route 66 stops! With the glamour of 1960s road-trips, retro traveling may be the way for summer 2020. 

Bond with your family or take a solo road trip!

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these recent changes have given most families more time together. Before this, being in a car for hours might not have been a good idea. After all this bonding time, spending more time close together doesn’t seem so bad! Or maybe you are looking for a little more alone time instead. A solo road trip could be just what you need to clear your mind after all this craziness. 

Have some freedom this summer by taking a road trip.

With many airlines continuing to change flights, it does make planning a summer vacation challenging. One of the many benefits of taking a road trip is being able to control your timeline without worrying about missing a flight – and let’s be real, flights are ever-changing this summer.

According to Insider, our technology today compared to the 1960s has made traveling cross-country more appealing. Imagine taking a road trip in a car from the 1960s. Squished closely to your family, no seatbelts, the only entertainment being the radio or car games. Today, we have larger, safer vehicles with entertainment pouring out of each compartment, making road trips way more fun! Ahh… we really are spoiled!

Road Trips Making A Comeback Summer 2020
Celebrate the Comeback of Road Trips on Route 66 This Summer
Photo by Athena from Pexels

Though road trips are not for everyone, it is better than nothing this summer! Road trips can take you so many new places! You can explore places close to home or drive across state lines. No wonder road trips are making a comeback! Take the time to research your state (or let us do that for you) and make a checklist of all the places you would like to see. Think about driving to a nearby national park or taking a trip across Route 66 this summer. Your car has the ability to take you wherever you can drive – this summer is the perfect time to discover the beauty of an old fashioned road trip. Make some memories!