There have always been a lot of conspiracy theories about Project Blue Book, Area 51, and Ancient Aliens. But do the UFOs and the conspiracy theories date to earlier times?

Its possible UFOs and ancient aliens have been around for thousands of years.
Its possible UFOs and aliens have been around for thousands of years.
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Post War UFOs

With the closing of World War II came conspiracies of Area 51, UFOs, and ancient aliens. Project Blue Book was a secret program. Government or military officials that saw strange things in the sky were hushed. However, the U.S. government has a multitude of research on alien life and UFOs at the Library of Congress.

The term UFO was coined in 1950 by the head of the US Air Force UFO investigation group Edward J. Ruppelt. Other acronyms included UAO (Unidentified Airborne Object), UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). Today UFO is widely used to refer to alien objects.

Before the onset of WWII, were rumors about ghost airships, as UFOs were called in the 1800s. Some were experimental flying objects or blimps. Others may have been straight UFOs. Were there sightings that date earlier than this?

Early World UFOs

Since the release of the article “Have We Visitors From Space?” (April 1952), Life Magazine, UFOs and aliens have flooded entertainment. This includes the famous novel and radio series War of the Worlds, stories by H.P. Lovecraft, movies, comic books, and trumped-up newspaper articles.

I wish I could cite what program I watched, but I don’t remember, so I will chalk the next information up to conspiracy theory. There were sightings and/or communication between American powers and UFOs during both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. If anyone reads this and knows what program it was (possibly Ancient Aliens?), leave it in the comments.

Native American lore includes stories of star people and sky people. Were these ancient aliens? UFOs? They hand much of this down by storytelling rather than documented. Much of the information gleaned from early Native Americans are from the petroglyphs found in the west. Many petroglyphs portray aliens, Indian gods, and UFOs.

Ancient petroglyph of a star-being. Is this an alien? Is this proof of UFOs?
Ancient petroglyph of a star-being. Is this an alien? Is this proof of UFOs?
Photo compliments of Wikimedia Commons

Ancient UFOs

Dating back to 603-683 CE. an ancient rocket is found on the sarcophagus lid of Mayan King Pakal. Is it a UFO? Is the passenger an alien? Or is it much like the Mercury Spacecraft that was used between 1961-1963?

Ancient art dating 865-860 BC shows a cylinder with a (god or alien?) in it. According to ancient astronaut theory, the “Shamash” is extraterrestrial or alien. An Anunnaki god of the Sumerians. Was the Anunnaki god traveling in a UFO? Was it an ancient alien?

On World UFO Day we have established that UFOs and aliens have been seen, experienced, and studied from the 21st century to before the life of Jesus Christ. How does one explain away thousands of years of UFOs? Who are aliens? I can’t. What about you?

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