Enjoy a Premium WP Website

On the back end, your website is hosted on a world-class server. Fully secure and fast as lightning. Your WP is loaded on top and infused with only quality plugins and a superior theme. Best part: It’s free!

Our Services

Your website will be fast, safe, and secure. You can both import and export your website. Enjoy all of this with premium support. 

Export Guarantee

If for some reason you no longer want your website hosted on the Aroono network, we will allow you to leave with no muss or fuss. Simply export your site and upload it to another WP installation. We use the standard import/export features of WP. 

Import Your Website

Don’t worry if you already made your website somewhere else. It’s no problem. We can import your site from the major site builders, either full or partially. Your website will be transferred and up and running quickly.

Safe & Secure

Our servers are safe and secure. We run multiple backups per day. We use the latest security software. We keep WP and plugins up-to-date. You have nothing to fear when you host your website with Aroono. 

Premium Support

We go the extra mile for you. We will answer any question you have directly via email. If needed, we will login into your website and fix it the issue for you. Relieve yourself from the worries of having to figure it out. Let an expert take charge and fix the situation for you. 

Our Features

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

Your website is up and running from the moment you start. You don’t need to learn to code or do anything tehnical. You can import a design and use it as-is. Or you can spend some tweaking it to your liking. You have full control over your website from the Aroono WP Dashboard. 


Hosted WP Website Plans & Pricing

Hundreds of Award
Winning Designs

Make absolute gorgeous websites. All with a drag and drop building that’s powered by Divi. Start from scratch or import a ready made template. View them on our demo page.

Easy Setup

No Click Installs

You don’t even need to click any install buttons. There’s no simple process to follow. Signup with Aroono like any other website. Make a username and password and select a site title. That’s it. You’re done! Your site is live and waiting for you. 

No setup required

A functional WP content management system

Drag and drop page builder that's powered by Divi

It couldn't get any easier

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“Aroono is the best tool I’ve used so far for creating polished, multifaceted blog posts that readers enjoy. The variety of widgets, embeds, and other blocks gives you unlimited creative power. Its user-friendly interface has made it easy for me to enjoy the writing and editing part of my job and spend less time on formatting and troubleshooting.”

Jay Safakish

Writer & Editor

“Spinning up a website has never been easier. I went from a week turnaround for clients, to just a couple of days. When clients want to make changes it’s easy enough for them to do on their own. Although, I don’t mind doing it for them, because it really takes me no time at all to make updates.”

Kevin Archer

Web Designer

“I love how easy it is to add videos and pictures to my content! You can seamlessly incorporate almost any media into your WordPress blog with the click of a few buttons. The block editor makes everything look super clean.”

Mia Moorhouse

Public Relations

“Thanks to Aroono, I’ve built a whole blog network that allows writers to share their ideas with readers all over the globe. I’ve been able to create multiple channels for any and every topic of interest. Aroono makes every post presentable and readable”

Xue Chun


Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

Not only can you ask questions about how to do certain things or how to fix this or that. We’ll also login to your system and make the changes for you. The best part, we do it all with a huge smile on our face!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ve nothing to lose. Build your website for free. Upgrade when you’re ready. If you don’t enjoy your premium upgrades cancel. We’ll refund any money you have paid us. 

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