Choosing the right writing environment can make an enormous difference in the quality of your writing. Find an environment that inspires you and motivates you. If you’re struggling to find an ideal writing environment, check out these 10 places.

Find a writing environment to meet your writing needs and writing goals.
Find a writing environment to meet your writing needs and writing goals.
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#1: At the Gym

Or, really, anywhere that you’re getting physical activity in. Working on your writing while in motion can help spark creativity.

For me, the gym specifically is a brilliant place to write or get novel ideas. Between my music, other gym goers, and the TV in the background, there is an endless supply of writing inspirations.

#2: At the Park

The park is another great writing environment for those who don’t need absolute silence to write. This location allows you to get in touch with the great outdoors, while also still dedicating time to your writing project.

Depending on your writing goals, try out a few distinct types of parks. Start with a small, less populated park. You can always switch locations to try a larger park in the center of town.

#3: At the Library

The library can be a great writing environment.
The library can be a great writing environment.
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The library is an excellent writing environment for those who require more quiet surroundings. Plus, there are plenty of resources if you need to do any research for your writing.

The one downside to this writing environment is that it can be a little uninspiring. Most writers find it best to use the library for shorter writer bursts.

#4: Local Coffee Shop

All you need is some Wi-Fi and endless supplies of caffeine to produce an exceptional piece of writing. Your local coffee shop or Starbucks can serve as the perfect writing environment.

You’ll have everything you need to succeed all in one central location. Plus, you can take a break from your writing to chat with others or get something to eat.

#5: Home Office

For those who require an immense amount of focus, a home office is the right writing environment. If you don’t already have a home office, consider setting one up.

If you don’t have the means to do so, designate one place in your home as your writing place. Write, research, and work only in this spot for improved writing.

#6: In Your Backyard

The best writing environment may be your own backyard.
The best writing environment may be your own backyard.
Image by Quinn Kampschroer from Pixabay

Your own backyard can be a marvelous writing environment when you’re in a pinch. You’re not too far away from home, but far enough away that you have a fresh source of writing inspiration.

Find a comfortable spot and start writing. If you need a change of scenery, you can move indoors or try out your front yard. The possibilities are endless.

#7: Local Museum

Your local art or history museum can serve for a unique writing environment. If you struggle with writer’s block, check out one of these places.

You just might find the inspiration for a new story, book, or writing topic. If all else fails, you’ll at least be able to learn something new.

#8: The Beach

If you’re lucky enough to leave near a beach, take advantage of it! The beach can be a wonderful place to edit your writing or come up with a new writing topic.

If you will vacation near a beach, consider working on your writing while you’re there. The beach can offer a calm or ever-changing writing environment depending on the time of day and year.

#9: The Woods

Consider the woods or a cabin in the wood for your new writing environment.
Consider the woods or a cabin in the wood for your new writing environment.
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

If you prefer to write in seclusion and away from the rest of the world, give the woods a try. Many of the world’s most famous writers and scholars found this to be a superb writing environment.

If you’re trying to meet a strict deadline, look into renting a cabin in the woods. This can give you everything you need to meet your writing goals.

#10: A Bookstore

Writing in a bookstore is the perfect middle ground between a library and coffee shop. You get some quietness of a library, with some hustle and bustle of a business thrown in.

If you’re lacking writing inspiration, this may be just the writing environment for you. When you need a writing break, you can purchase a book or magazine to read.

For writers looking for an unfamiliar writing environment to try out, these are 10 of the best out there. Test out a few different ones to see which writing environment works best for your needs. Change your environment often for fresh sources of writing inspiration.