Many writers suggest a daily word count. Here are 3 arguments against that. Writing every day is important. How many words, not so much.

Argument against word counts
Write every day. Don’t focus on word counts.
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A lot of writers use daily word counts. A lot of writers recommend them. Don’t stop writing until you hit 500 words. Or 1000 words. Some even more.

As a writer myself, I disagree. I’ve always disagreed with these recommendations. They create stress. Stress creates blanks. Blanks create jotting down anything difficult. That isn’t the goal. Especially on the first draft.

Writing A Powerful Sentence Means More Than Writing A Weak Page

Don’t write for the sake of writing. Words that you know aren’t good as you’re writing them. You’re sweating to reach your daily count. You know you will edit most of it.

You will write yourself into a corner. I know that’s part of the writing process. I understand the first draft will need edits. I also understand that you should enjoy writing.

Some days it flows. You might even exceed most daily word counts. Some days you’ll struggle to write a single word. These are the trials of every writer.

If you write one sentence, you still wrote. You still sat and thought about your story. You still added something meaningful to it. That’s more important.

Writers Block Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Write

A common argument for a word count is that it staves off writer’s block. You can’t get writer’s block, if you have a daily goal. A daily word count.

Writer’s block doesn’t mean you can’t write. It means you can’t write anything good. Anyone can sit down and write. Anyone can type a 1000 words on a page. That isn’t the goal though.

The goal is to write something meaningful. Something that you’re proud of. A first draft should still contain the meat of your story. It should still be something you’re proud of.

Without A Spark, You Might Quit On Your Writing

The goal is to stick with your writing. To want to write. To want to sit in front of your laptop and create. You need the spark.

Writing words you don’t like kills the spark. It kills the motivation. It leaves you drained, and unambitious. Now try to write 500 words.

Writing should be hard, but it should be fun. There should be fulfilment. There should be excitement. Without this, your book isn’t getting finished.

These arguments aren’t for laziness. If you’re having a good day, write. Write more than any daily word count if you can. Spend time on it every day. Time is what matters.

Don’t use this list to get out of writing. Use it to take some stress off of your shoulders. Be creative and write daily. All that matters is that you write. Throw everything else to the side.

Don't worry about writing a daily word count
Writing is fun, don’t burn yourself out.
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