When you write a screenplay, you need to have the proper tools. Reliable screenwriting software is key. Here are 3 that will help you create the perfect screenplay.

Screenwriting software can be helpful when you're navigating the difficulties of writing a screenplay.
Screenwriting software can be helpful when you’re navigating the difficulties of writing a screenplay.
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Why do you need a Screenwriting Software?

Writing a screenplay can be difficult. There are formatting rules you must follow. If you mess any of them up, your screenplay could lose its chance at success. I had a screenwriting professor that included two dashes instead of one in his scene headings, and he got marked down for it in screenwriting competitions. It’s that technical.

A screenwriting software eliminates a lot of the stress of formatting. It sets up the margins for you and guides you on how to proceed. You’ll avoid a lot of stress if you invest in a screenwriting software like one of the three listed below.

1. Final Draft

Final Draft is an industry-standard screenwriting software. Many popular films and television shows use Final Draft as their writing software. It’s my go-to software. The reason is how user-friendly it is. It autosaves many of your names and locations, so you only have to type the first few letters for it to show up. There are also shortcuts in Final Draft that make writing your screenplay easier.

There are many features in Final Draft that make it stand out from its competitors. You can use outlining tools, view the arrangement of your scenes, and try out one of the templates Final Draft provides. They even have a Final Draft phone app for on-the-go screenwriting. The one downside to this program is the price. The screenwriting software costs $250, which is a lot. If you can’t get past the big price tag on this screenwriting software, check out the next software.

Avoid the stress of formatting your screenplay with this screenwriting software.
Avoid the stress of formatting your screenplay with this screenwriting software.
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2. Celtx

Celtx is screenwriting software that offers a cheaper version of its software, $15 a month. It still includes all the basic formatting tools to help you write the perfect screenplay. There is also a phone app for this screenwriting software that will do you wonders while you’re working on your screenplay.

It also allows you to work on a screenplay you started in a different software. If you started your screenplay in Final Draft, you can continue writing it in Celtx. It looks very similar to Final Draft, with only a few visual differences. This is definitively a screenwriting software to check out, especially if you’re just getting into screenwriting and want to test the waters.

3. Movie Magic Screenwriter

Movie Magic Screenwriter is another popular software for screenwriting. Many top writers use it for all kinds of writing. Screenplays are just the start of many of these softwares. It’s an easy-to-use software and is the preferred software of The Writers Guild of America, West.

This software also costs $250, but you can sometimes find it for a discounted price. There are many templates to get you started and samples to guide you. If you’re looking for a screenwriting software that can teach you and a thing or two, Movie Magic Screenwriter might be for you.

What software do you use for screenwriting? Comment below and let us know. We love hearing about great screenwriting software, and it could end up in our next list. Who knows?