Misconceptions about writing can set a writer back a long time. You can get caught up in certain things you think you need to do. I’m here to free your soul from these misconceptions.

Misconceptions about writings, and writers
Misconceptions about writers and writing. Credit Adobe Stock Photo.

Writers Are Born, Not Made

This is just simply not true. This misconception can get into the writer’s head. No writer in the history of writing had it easy. As the saying goes, “if it were easy everyone would do it.”

There are certain writers that have a gift. There may be some natural talent there, just like some athletes and musicians. But for the most part, great writers are made. They are made through hard work and a lot of writing.

Free yourself from thinking that you’re not good enough. This misconception can lead writers astray. Keep writing, reading, and working hard. You’ll get there.

Writers Need To Be Writing What They Know

This is a difficult one. It’s also a misconception that you hear all the time. Here’s the thing: most writers don’t know in detail a lot of things. Even in our interests, could we form a whole novel around them? Getting even the smallest details right?

Write what you know is misleading. I’d prefer something like this. “Write what you know, and if you don’t know, learn, and then write.”

You’ll have to do some research if you’re unsure of something. But don’t think that every story needs to be an autobiography. Free yourself from this misconception. Write what you want and learn along the way.

Writers Need To Write Fast

I talked about this in my article “3 Arguments Against Writing A Daily Word Count.” You don’t need to write fast, and you don’t need to finish in a certain amount of time.

Some bestselling authors offer this advice. For them, it works. Maybe once you get to a stage where there’s a demand, and it becomes a full-time job, things change.

Most writers live lives outside of their novels. They work full-time, have a family, other responsibilities. That’s when taking advice from full-time authors can stress you out.

Be consistent. Make a schedule and take some time each day to write. It’s not a competition. Free yourself from this misconception.

The Misconception That A Writer Must Always Be Original

This misconception is heard a lot. You should have your own voice. Writers should write in a way that’s unique to you. But to say that what you come up with as a writer has never been done in any way, shape, or form? Not likely.

Over thousands of years of storytelling, I would say that most things have been written. That doesn’t mean that your writing is going to plagiarise somebody else’s. It just means that you shouldn’t spend your time fretting over the originality of your writing.

Just write, and keep writing. These misconceptions shouldn’t slow you down from your ultimate goal of writing a novel or a short story.

Writers you need to keep writing, and don’t let anything hold you back. Misconceptions can be toxic. Throw them out the window, and let the writing begin.

Writers, don't listen to these misconceptions about writing.
Writers, don’t listen to these misconceptions about writing. Credit Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels