Copywriting may seem easy from the outside. But only brilliant copywriters know that it takes a lot of effort and work to create good content for the web.

Traits of a Brilliant Copywriter. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
Traits of a Brilliant Copywriter.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

There are many people out there who write for the web. But are all of them good? Some are and some are not.

Well, there are some traits that every copywriter has in them. 

These traits help distinguish a lousy copywriter from a brilliant one.

Copywriting Skill #1: Excellent researcher

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A brilliant copywriter is an excellent researcher.
Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Research is important. 

A brilliant copywriter is an excellent researcher. They do not rely on just online searches. They explore other research papers, case studies and add them to their content. They also broaden their network and talk to experts.

Pro Tip: Learn to cite sources and link them to your content. Give them credit for the source but use them to your brand’s advantage.

Copywriting Skill #2: Curious

brilliant, copywriter, content, copywriting
Does curiousity really kill the cat? Not in this case.
Image by Sophie Janotta from Pixabay

Being curious for a copywriter is good.

A brilliant copywriter talks about the brand, asks questions to relevant people, and clears all doubts before writing. 

Pro Tip: Don’t hesitate to ask questions about what you are writing. 

Copywriting Skill #3: Aware of their audience

As mentioned above, curiosity is an excellent trait.

A brilliant copywriter is not just knowledgeable about the brand but is also aware of what the audience needs.

They understand the way the target audience thinks, speaks, what they are searching for and when they are searching for it. 

Pro Tip: Find out who your target audience is and learn about what they are constantly looking for. 

Copywriting Skill #4: Writes clear content

A brilliant copywriter writes clear and easy-to-understand content. They do not use filler words or phrases that add no value to the brand. Their target is to make the reader understand the brand message from a single read.

Pro Tip: Use simple and factual words. Make your content easy to read and remember that not all your readers are English experts. 

What do you think about these 4 brilliant copywriter traits? Let me know in the comments below!