A writing habit can take you from being a mediocre writer to an amazing one. If you need to learn how to edit your pieces for submission or create better content, one surefire way to get results is to develop effective writing habits.

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Developing good writing habits can greatly affect your work.
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Write After a Warm-Up

Few things are easy to do without a warm-up.

Writing without a warm-up can inhibit your creativity. If you want to write like a pro and master the art of the basic edit, writing with a warm-up will sharpen your skills.

Writing consistently depends on your ability to master technique and come up with writing ideas.

Using a warm-up helps you master writing technique and maximizes your brainpower. Your brain can develop more creativity as you make writing warm-ups a habit.

Practice Writing Headlines

write content edit habit writing
Headlines are the real “hooks” of your content on the internet.
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Headlines are an important element in any content writer’s career. Whether you need to make more engaging content or learn how to edit for structure. Writing headlines will help you make strides.

People skim the best of content. If you need to edit your writing, always start with the headlines. That is what people read first.

Your readers will decide whether to keep reading based on the headline you use.

Practice writing headlines daily if you want to write better.

Stop a Bad Habit

An example of a bad habit in writing is using too many commas. Another habit many people have in their writing is using too many exclamation points.

Usually, breaking a bad habit means focusing on one habit at a time. If you make a point to break a bad habit once a month or so, you’ll be in good shape.

Shorten the Sentences in Your Content

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Long sentences make your content uninteresting and difficult to follow.
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This is hard. People go to great lengths to learn how to shorten their sentences. Apps like The Hemingway Editor are great for helping with this issue. Writing concisely for the internet depends on short sentences.

The Hemingway App is challenging. Use it if you’re serious about your writing.

Edit for Space

As you write, work on incorporating space into your paragraphs.

Like this.

In a sea of internet words it takes some space to stand out.

Combining your space with shortened sentences adds emphasis and a bit of elegance to your work.

What is your favorite writing habit?