As writers, we are always looking for writing tools that make what we do so much easier. Ashley Paramo, a lead contributor here at Aroono, shared with us six of her favorite writing tools.

writing tools
Writing tools can help make writers and editors more productive. Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Tired of grammar and spelling mistakes? Need a writing tool to store your ideas in? Like the clack-clack of typewriter keys when you are writing? Writers are a unique bunch. We work with words and ideas that flow onto paper… or computer screens.

And sometimes, we just need a little help when we are writing.

I had a great conversation with Ashley Paramo about the writing tools she uses to make writing and editing a little easier. She shared with me six of her favorite writing tools and why.

“MY thing is that I love minimalistic writing tools because the less I have to look at, the more I can focus on what I’m writing,” Ashley says. “Many of these tools are minimalistic in nature, but I use all of them for different purposes.”

The Window’s Notepad Tool

“I use this as a quick and simple writing tool to hash out my ideas for articles or personal pieces of work. The look doesn’t inspire a lot of creativity, but it’s an awesome tool for taking quick notes on things you don’t want to forget.”

The Typora Tool

typora writing tool
Typora is a cool markdown editor. Screenshot from Typora website by Beth A. Rauch.

“This is my favorite application to draft blog posts. I love it because it’s a markdown editor that makes the draft writing process seamless. It’s also great because the style matches that of typical blog posts, so I can always kind of see what the final product will look like in terms of style.”

The Hemingway Editor Tool

hemingway writing tool
The Hemingway editor gives you color coded suggestions to refine your writing. Screenshot from Hemingway
website by Beth A. Rauch.

“There’s a free online option on Hemingway but I personally purchased the desktop version. It was worth the investment. It’s a one-time payment of $20 and you get all the perks of Hemingway in a desktop app. I love the fact that I can switch between “Editing” and “Writing” instead of being forced to watch my writing mistakes pop up as I write. It catches all the little things even the best editors might miss and makes your writing concise and engaging.”

The ZenPen Tool

“For me, ZenPen is a convenient mix between Notepad and Typora. It’s an online writing tool so you can’t download it for your desktop, but it’s amazing if you need a and quick an easy tool for writing down content ideas as you browse the internet or do research. It’s as quick and simple as Notepad but has the same stylistic features that Typora offers.”

The FocusWriter Tool

“I don’t use this tool as much ever since I found Typora, but it has two key features that I just love and keep me coming back to it. First, it has a typewriter feature that makes the sound of typewriter keys being pressed every time you write. This, for some reason, is a great motivator for me and makes me want to keep on writing. Second, you can change the way it looks. All the themes it offers are minimalistic, but they make great fits for all kinds of writers.”

Do you have a writing tool that you use daily to make your writing easier? Share your favorite writing tool in the comments. We’d love to discover more tools that make writing easier.