Writing can be a challenge for many people. Yet there are some simple steps you can apply to your writing practice that will improve writing skills and take your writing to the next level.  

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Improve your writing skills with some basic tips.
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Writing can be a challenge for many people. But there are some simple steps you can apply to your writing that will take your writing skills to the next level.  

Practice writing every day

Practice makes everything better. And this applies in writing. I suggest that you practice writing every single day, even just a paragraph will do.

Branch out and try to write about everything. This will help you explore new things, help you build a solid profile and will eventually improve writing skills. 

Develop an outline before writing

If you want to earn money from writing, then you should give structure to your writing.

Create an outline of ideas, topics and subtopics. Develop a writing style that expresses your voice. 

Use simple words

All your audiences are not experts in the English language. Use simple everyday words, words that everyone from a 10-year-old to a 70-year-old can understand.

Believe me when I say those big fancy words will not make you sound smarter. 

Writing with simple sentences and short paragraphs

Again, don’t complicate your writing. Make your sentences short and easy to understand.

No one has the time and attention span to read long paragraphs. 2-3 sentences per paragraphs. Break the sentences and paragraphs when required. 

Forget about filler words

What are filler words? Words like very, really, just, actually, etc. are all filler words.

These words don’t add any value to your writing and take up extra space. Try to avoid these words and only use them when necessary. 

Edit, Edit, and Edit!

Once you finish a piece of writing, go through it. You may have got some errors the first time.

Go through the spellings and grammars. Edit out those unrequired words and give your writing a finishing touch. 

Read it from the audience’s point of view

As a writer, your target is to satisfy your readers. Give them what they want. To do that, you need to keep yourself in your audience’s shoes and read it. Ask yourself:

  • “Will they like it?”
  • “Does this answer their question? “

 If yes, then give yourself a pat on the back. 

Apply these 7 writing tips and become a superb writer.

Did you like these 7 writing tips? Let me know if you have more writing tips up your sleeve!