One of my professors once said that all of us should treat writing as a visual art. When someone reads your work, they should be able to form pictures in their mind’s eye.

Writing as a Visual Art
Use the camera test to make your writing into a visual art.
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Use the Camera Test to Ensure that Your Writing Could Be Considered a Visual Art

If people keep telling you that your writing does not have enough description, the camera test is for you. If you read the words on the page and you cannot picture them, you do not have enough description in your writing.

For example, if you are writing about a man with a red coat, could you picture this character in your mind’s eye? Probably not.

You don’t know if this man is short, tall, black, or white. You don’t even know if his coat is long or short.

Add these details to your work. When your writing is a visual art, readers will be able to visualize every piece of the picture that you are painting with your words.

Writing as a Visual Art
When you are using your writing as a visual art, your readers can see the broken glass on the floor.
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Examples of Writing as a Visual Art

If you are simply explaining a scene and not painting a picture, it would read something like this: Isabel was drunk. There were broken wine glasses all over the floor. She had had too many.

If you were painting your picture for the reader, on the other hand, it would look something like this: Shards of glass were scattered across the living room floor. Isabel held a nearly empty bottle of Chardonnay in her hand. The room was spinning.

Description is an extremely difficult element of writing to master. However, if you master this skill, it will make a world of difference. Editors, agents, and publishers know the difference right away.

In fact, many literary agents recommend that you add as much description to your first fifty pages as possible if you want to get it sold. This is good information to have. I wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavors.