Looking for inspiration? Fighting off writer’s block? Check out this list of four of the best random prompt generators on the web!

Person writing prompt ideas on a notepad with a computer in the background.
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#1 Reedsy’s Plot Generator

I highly recommend Reedsy’s random prompt generator. Of the four presented here today, this generator has the most interesting interface. This generator gives you the most in-depth prompts. It randomly creates a protagonist, a secondary character, a plot, and a twist that you can incorporate into your story. This generator also allows for a lot of customization! If there’s a piece of the prompt you don’t like, leave it “unlocked”, and hit the “generate” button. Any portions of the prompt that you left unlocked will be randomly generated again. You can repeat this process until inspiration strikes!

Reedsy's random plot generator.
Prompts are so customizable on this site!
From Reedsy

#2 The Character Comma’s Writing Prompt Generator

While researching some of the best random prompt generators, I came across The Character Comma. Their prompts are by far some of the most interesting ones out there! This random prompt generator has an easy-to-use interface. Navigate to the site and click the “Give me a writing prompt” button to get started. If random prompt generators aren’t your thing, they also have all the prompts in a list form on a separate page. With 121 prompts on their website, there is sure to be something to inspire your next story!

The Character Comma's random prompt generator.
This is one of my favorite random prompts from the site!
From The Character Comma

#3 The Story Shack’s Writing Prompt Generator

The Story Shack has an excellent random prompt generator. Their generator gives you parameters of story length, genre, plot and set pieces to include, and a sentence to include. If you’re looking to score bonus points, the generator also gives you a bonus prompt to try to work into the story. There is a very simple user interface on this website, making it perfect for those situations where you need a writing idea immediately. The only downside to this generator is the lack of customization on the website itself. There are no menus for you to select your preferred genre, set pieces, or story length. You can always change the prompt yourself, so it’s still one of my favorite random generators.

The Story Shack's random prompt generator.
Is this prompt a winner for you?
From The Story Shack

#4 Masterpiece Generator’s Prompt Generator

Masterpiece Generator has a wide variety of subsections. This allows for a lot of customization on this site. They also include pictures, in case visual stimuli help spark your creativity. Depending on the subsection you choose, the generator is different. If you choose the Fairytale subsection, it gives you a mad-libs style list. You put in some pieces and let the generator do the rest of the work. The only downside to this is that the prompt generator needs some of the variables to be filled in to actually work. If you have no idea where to start, you may need to try a different site first. Masterpiece Generator does try to remedy this issue with their “story ideas” subsection. If you need a new idea, this part of the website will randomly generate up to 20 prompts at a time for you to choose from. You can customize what type of ending you want, and the random prompt generator will do the rest.

Masterpiece Generator's random prompt generator with two prompts.
Not sure how I feel about either of these prompts, what about you?
From Masterpiece Generator

My go-to generator has always been Reedsy’s Plot Generator. Something about the blue background and creative interface has always helped inspire me so much more than the rest. What about you? What are some of your favorite random prompt generators? Let me know in the comments below!