Jay Wright, co-author of Strangers In The Night, discusses her writing process. Here are a few writing tips from a published author.

Writing a book, from a published author
Writing tips from a published author.
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Strangers in the Night was published in 2017. I spoke with Jay Wright about her process for writing it.

Writers want to know what it takes. The process is grueling. How do you complete a novel?

Read, And Read Some More. Then You Can Write

“Reading is most of the reason I’m a good writer,” Jay explains.

The best advice I can give is to read. You’ll learn something. Trust me.

– Jay Wright

You can’t write without reading. The two go hand in hand. Without time to read, you can’t write. You need to study the craft. Then you can begin to understand the process.

An Idea, A Written Outline, A Written Plan

Getting your writing published takes time. You need patience. Published Author Jay Wright explains. “First it’s a broad idea. Then an outline. Then it’s a plan.”

Write an outline. Then construct a plan of attack. Start a first draft. See where your writing goes. Have a general idea. Start writing.

“Write every day, even when you don’t want to.”

– Jay Wright

A great piece of advice. Don’t wait for inspiration. Create your inspiration. Write and write. Do you want to be taken seriously? Then take your writing seriously.

“Make it a habit. Set goals for yourself, and it will get done,” Wright says.

Take note, unpublished authors. Don’t stop writing. Don’t stop reading. Make a plan. Follow it and get your work published.

Edit Your Writing To The High Heavens

“We wrote it. Rewrote it. Wrote It Again. We sent it to friends. We took their notes and edited some more”

Jay makes another important point. Every published work has been edited. Many more than once. Many more than twice.

Start with an idea and write. Create an outline. Then a plan. Write the novel. Edit it. Then edit it again. Do that until your thoughts are on paper.

Write until you're a published author
Write until you’re a published author.
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Writing doesn’t come easy. Not even for published authors. What separates writers is work ethic. Some sit and think about writing. Other write. Some writers wait. Other writers don’t stop.

Writing a published work is possible. It’s all about hard work.