This week our writers took some time to share with us tips for planning your novel’s unique world, writing dialogue that is meaningful, and creating characters with depth. Let’s take a look.

Characters, dialogue and world building shape your novel. Photo by Anna Gru on Unsplash

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Dialogue

Writing dialogue is a hard skill to develop. Even successful directors and screenplay writers such as James Cameron make mistakes and struggle with writing the perfect dialogue. Here are three common mistakes to avoid when writing dialogue.

Katerina Kostadinova offers some advice about writing dialogue that moves your story along. She uses some great video clips as examples. Meaningful dialogue between characters is important. It doesn’t matter if it is in a novel or a motion picture.

Tips for Great Fantasy Worldbuilding

Worldbuilding is the cornerstone of any fantasy story. Here are a few tips on worldbuilding that will help your fantasy world become the next Middle Earth or Westeros.

Where does your novel take place? Keira Charles offers some advice on how to build a unique world for your fantasy story. Whether you’re influenced by Tolkien or Martin, these “dos and don’ts” could make your story.

6 Tips for Creating Your Characters For Novels

The characters in your novels are what drives your story forward. Creating them takes time. Here are 6 tips to help you create characters that keep your readers interested.

How do you create characters? This week I take a look at six things you need to consider when creating your characters so that they have depth and keep your readers engaged.

And there you have it. Do you have any tips for writing stories and novels you’d like to tell us? Share your thoughts in the comments below.