Marianna Reep, poet, aspiring author, and editor here at Aroono, discusses her writing, the challenges of getting work published, and the fun that she has in the process.

Marianna Reep talks writing poetry, a novel, and loving the process.
Marianna Reep talks about writing poetry, a novel, and loving the process.

I recently spoke with Marianna about a number of things. The struggles of writing good poetry. How she managed to get her work published. And also, the differences between writing poetry and writing a novel.

“Writing Poetry Is Different Because It Is Short Bursts”

When I asked Marianna the difference between writing a novel and writing poems, this is what she said.

“Writing poetry is different because it is short bursts. What I mean by that is you only have to think about one poem. With a novel, every chapter has to lead into the next. Everything has to work together.”

She is working on her first novel and admits the process is long. When writing poetry, you can afford to think only of that one poem. You can’t do that with a novel. Everything you’re writing needs to make sense with the previous chapters and add to the upcoming ones.

Write For Yourself, Not For Anybody Else

I asked Marianna if she had tips for aspiring writers, writers who are looking to get a published work of their own.

She told me to “… enjoy the process. I think so many get worried about what people may think of their writing, or how they will publish it. Instead, enjoy your writing.”

This is a piece of advice I think most poets and authors should listen to. I often read that fear is the reason for bad writing. You spend your time afraid of what others might think. This takes away the joy and creative process of writing. Write for yourself.

“There Is Something Special About Being Able To Write About What Is Going On In My Life”

Marianna says, “Writing poetry gives me an outlet. There is something special about being to write about what is going on in my life.”

I love this quote. It rings true and honest. Writing is fun. It is an outlet. It unscrambles everything that is in our head. It can turn fear into trust, and pain into love. It can work miracles.

Once it’s on paper, then others can relate. One of the main points of writing is to make people feel less alone. Make them understand that there are others out there who are dealing with similar things. Poetry, and writing, are essential to our survival.

Check out Marianna’s poetry collection, Snapshots of Time, here.

Writing poetry, and novels is important
Writing poetry and novels. Credit Pexels.